Why Our Tax Knowledge Can Give You An Advantage



Let's be honest: Keeping up with the tax code, or minor changes in tax laws, is nearly impossible even for the savviest investors. And, often times, investment decisions are made without regard to tax implications simply because different professionals handle those parts of your financial picture.

Tax-efficient investing, however, can save you money this year and for years to come. Cape Point understands this. We keep updated on all current and potential tax law changes, giving us the ability to proactively determine how your portfolio will be affected by changes in the tax code.

We'll determine the optimum balance of taxable and tax-deferred investments and recommend shifts where appropriate. Coupled with an investment strategy that strives to protect and grow your assets, Cape Point's tax knowledge gives you a fully balanced perspective. It's a distinct advantage that Cape Point brings to you—year after year.

Fixed insurance products and services, and tax and accounting services offered by Cape Point Wealth & Tax Management are separate and unrelated to Commonwealth.